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A detailed review on the Audi A Series models

Audi A series consists of different models from superminis to saloons where models like the best in class Audi A4 and super executive saloon A6 are waiting for their lovers. Let’s start from the A1 super mini and then proceed to the A6, one after other in the range.

Audi A1

Audi A1 is a small economy car of a supermini size introduced by Audi. It was first unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Initially the A1 was introduced as a three door A1 model and was solely manufactured in Germany from August 2010, followed by the United Kingdom based manufacturing in November 2010.

In November 2011 a five-door version, of the A1 under the nameplate of A1 Sportback was launched with sales starting in spring 2012. It is a front engine, front wheel drive supermini developed on the PQ25 platform of Volkswagen Polo. This platform has been further used by Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia and Audi S1 in different countries.

The A1 model series was introduced with five engine options where three petrol and diesel engine from 1.2 litre to 2.0 litre engine displacements were offered. On the gearbox options, Audi did not let its fans down and introduced a 5 speed manual, a six speed manual and a seven speed S Tronic transmissions where a single speed e-Tron was also introduced.

It is a successor of the Audi 50 series. By a car magazine in the UK in 2011, Audi A1 was awarded as a car of the year 2011. It was an Audi A1 1.4 litre Sportback in the UK.

Audi A3

Let’s move from superminis to the family cars series and here we come to the A3 series. The Audi A3 is a compact small family vehicle and Audi first started its production in 1996. In the first two generations, Audi used Volkswagen Group A platform for the A3, which they were sharing with numerous models such as the Audi TT, Volkswagen Caddy, Volkswagen Golf, and Volkswagen Touran, and the models from allied parties were SEAT Leon, SEAT Toledo, and the Octavia by Skoda.

Finally! From the third-generation of the A3, Audi started using the Volkswagen Group MQB platform. The transverse front engine layout and the most modern MQB Platform make Audi A3 one of the best-selling models in the UK.

Basically, it is a front wheel drive model but you can ask for the Quattro technology A3 models as well. A massive Audi A3 engine lineup has been introduced on the A3, where nine petrol engines and three of them are diesel powered engines.

Audi A3 was also introduced in three and five door hatchback along with a five door compact saloon. Since its birth in 1996, Audi A3 has managed to won 10 national and international awards and the latest is the World Car of the Year 2014.

Audi A4

Audi A4! A name well known in the UK and it is a series of compact executive cars. It has been more than two decades from now, when the first ever A4 was rolled off the production line. Using the Volkswagen Group B Platform, Audi A4 is now in its fifth generation however the first generation was the successor of the Audi 80 models.

The first ever A4 was developed and designed as the B5 series and then we have seen B6, B7, B8, and the B9 model series. On the B8 and B9 versions of the Audi A4, German automaker has used Volkswagen’s most modern MQB Platform. The A4 is not the only one model which is using the MQB platform but there are many other including Porsche models using the same platform.

One of the best combination of Audi A4 engines and platform has been seen in the B8 and B9 models where transaxle type transmissions and longitudinal engine designs are the best in the class.

Standard model are front wheel drive but the Quattro technology was introduced as an option on the entire Audi A4 model line-up. Audi A4 is available in both saloon and a station wagon in the UK but in the second generation of the A4, German automaker introduced it in a convertible.

Then in the next generation, the convertible version becomes the part of A5 model series. There are three types of engine being used on the A4, where in-line, V6 and V8 block types are hosting ten different engines. Only two turbocharged diesel engines and around eight petrol engines are being used in the model line-up.

On the safety, Audi A4 has won all five stars in the NCAP crash testing, IIHS safety score is also five stars and NHTSA has also given it five stars on the safety measures. The A4 was actively remained in the motorsport and has won different titles since 1996.

Audi A5

Audi A5 is a compact executive class of saloons and German automaker is manufacturing the Audi A5 since 2007 in different body styles from convertibles to cabriolets and coupes, OH… We forgot the Sportback; there is also a Sportback version of A5 offered. It is a four door coupe.

Unlike the Audi’s A4 model line-up, the A5 series is based on the B platform and sharing its values with the A4 saloon and Avant models as well. The A5 first generation is the member of the B8 series and the second generation is based on the B9 series till 2016.

Both models are derived from the Volkswagen’s MLB Modular Longitudinal Matrix architecture. The A5 is being offered in only two layouts, where a front wheel drive or a permanent all-wheel drive model available.

There are eight different A5 engines on offer, where five petrol and three diesel engines. There is a bunch of transmissions from a 6-speed manual, 6-speed Tiptronic automatic, 7-speed S tronic semi-automatic, 8-speed Tiptronic Automatic and a most modern Multitronic CVT is on offer.

Audi A6

Audi introduced its A6 or internally the C series in 1994 as a successor of Audi 100. The A6 is an executive car produced by the Audi AG, German giant car maker. The A6 is now enjoying the fourth generation as the replacement to the Audi 100.

The A6 is produced in Neckarsulm, Germany. The A6 is available in different variations from saloon to wagon configurations, but the most modern model has been promoted as the Avant. Audi’s internal code of the A6 is as a prolongation of the Audi 100 family, with originally A6 labelled as the C4-series.

The most modern version is the C7 of the A6 and it uses the Volkswagen Group MLB platform. There are two body styles including a 4 door saloon and a five door Avant with longitudinal front engine and front wheel drive transmissions.

You can opt for both Quattro and permanent all-wheel drive. In 2005, Audi A6 won the car of the year award and a tow car of the year award as well due to its all exclusive trailer stability control system.

There are five petrol engines and four diesel engines offered on the Audi A6 from 2009 to 2011, however in the C7 line up of Audi A6 from 2011 to onward, there are thirteen petrol engines and six diesel engines available. Audi has also introduced a hybrid version of the A6 in 2012.

Audi A7

In North America and several European countries, Audi introduced the A7 as a successor of the A6 Avant. The Audi A7 is an F segment full-sized luxury car. It is a four-door hatchback, features a roof line with sharply rake up rear screen and unified trunk lid and frameless doors. It is also using the same Volkswagen MLB Platform just like the A6 C7, Audi A7 Sportback concept and Audi RS7.

There are five diesel and five petrol engines offered, where both V6 and V8 variations with seven speed and eight-speed transmissions are on offered. Audi A7 has won several awards in its life span so far, awarded by different auto magazines.

In 2015, Audi A7 has received a facelift and several other modifications such as, styling tweaks, engine refinements and exterior retouching. Audi has also introduced glare free Matrix LED headlights. Both petrol engines and diesel engines now meet the Euro 6 standards of carbon emissions

Audi A8

This is the luxury variation of Audi, it is a full sized four door luxurious saloon manufactured by Germans and it is in production since 1994. It was introduced as a successor of Audi V8 models.

The A8 was offered in both permanent all wheel and long wheel base models. Initially, first two generations were based on the Volkswagen D Platform but in the current generation, Audi has shifted the A8 on the VW Group MLB Platform.

It was the first ever aluminium chassis mass market Audi, and it also has a mechanically updated performance version S8. The Sportback version, S8 is only offered in short wheel base version and equipped with standard all-wheel drive Quattro drive system. Al versions include an eight-speed Tiptronic transmission.

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