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BMW 120i

It is like to drive a luxury and quiet like a calm dark night after 02:00

Some say that the BMW 120i engines are even better than its counterpart BMW 118d engines, some say it is more expensive than diesel counterparts. Diesel counterparts have minimal running costs and more fuel economy.

Although all these claims might be true overall BMW 120i is such a beautiful vehicle and it loves to munch the miles on the UK roads. With the new round rear, the new version is more stylish and ultra-refined with powerful engines and muscular body creases and a facilitated front.

Although the rear view appeals a bit awkward to us overall customer survey says it looks cool and different, at least it more beautiful than the Renault Clio’s big butt on the back.

What’s new in the 120i?

The 120i is not a full model series but it is actually a petrol trim in the 1 series and it is really popular like the 118d in the 1-series and any other models. It is one of the richest in content and equipment model and it loves to be sold like fully loaded.

There is a range of new features on offer and not only that, BMW has powered the 120i with new engines to keep its performance at par. New engine series is refined and ultra-efficient as well as fuel efficient too. However, the agility and smoothness are also at its peak.

The new unit f 1.6-litre petrol engines offer 185bhp power at its peak. There are two power variants offered on the 1 series, and the other one generates 174bhp of power. Overall it has a 4 cylinder turbo system and you can also opt for a 2.0-litre engine which is capable of generating 185bhp.

The torque range is from 250Nm to 290Nm on both engines so there is not a big difference between these two engines. 1.6-litre engines a part of N13 turbocharged engines and other engine has been borrowed from the 116i models.

This engine belongs to new B-Engine family, it is a B48 engine and was introduced in 2016. It has an excellent pulling power and fuel economy. The turbocharged engines were introduced on the BMW 120i engines for the first time to see if they can push the sales up.

Because some buyers and even the reviewers say that the current engine line-up is a bit weaker than the engines offered on all other models. The B48 engines were already tested on the BMW 116i models and they performed really well in there, they are capable of doing a lot more on the motorways and in the congested city traffic.

These engines have a fuel economy of around 40 miles per gallon overall. Where in the 120i models they are even refined to deliver around 70 miles on the motorway and 40 miles per gallon in the city traffic.

Overall they return 55 miles per gallon. A time of eight seconds to reach the benchmark speed of 60 miles per hour is not bad at all. There are more than a dozen vehicle in the same class who do this in more than 10 seconds and still selling a lot.

BMW 120i is fully loaded with ultra-modern car technologies and BMW has packed everything in the new model.

Improved practicality

As BMW has given the 120i and 1 series some great practicality and they have become really popular in the UK and they need aftermarket services as well, the UK market always remains ahead in these things, if the vehicle needs an engine replacement, BMW 120i engines supply and fit services can be bought at ally competitive prices across the county.

There are hundreds of garages and dealerships offering supply and fit services for your BMW 120i, so even having the biggest issue with the 120i can easily be addressed in the UK

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