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The energetic Tourer becomes even more muscular and reliable after having power line-up of N47 D20 diesel engines

BMW is the only automaker followed by Volkswagen that has almost all the niches covered on the automobile market to offer their customers the best user experience. But the story of covering entire table doesn’t end with the model line-up but there is another factor that helps the German automaker to boost up its customer appeal, the N47 D20C engines.

And competitors like the Citroen C4 Picasso, Ford C-Max, and the Golf SV will have to think yet another time because the 2 series Active Tourer has BMW badge, this energetic Tourer is the most anticipated people carrier offer in the UK market by BMW. BMW has also offered the seven-seater version that has the ability to deliver what actually BMW fans desire from the manufacturer as a brand.

BMW 2 Series Engines line up

There are both diesel and petrol engines offered as standard on the 2 series Active Tourer. Petrol engine is relatively modern with three cylinder makeover but the diesel engines are the family members of the most admired N47 D20 C and N47 D20 D engines family.

The entire engine line-up even diesel units or the petrol ones have their focus on the practicality and the fuel economy rather than the performance. The previous engine was capable of cranking out 148bhp and 330Nm of torque and it is capable of pushing the engine very firmly and to produce the hefty torque from its 2.0 litre turbocharged unit, completing the same benchmarking speed in just under eight seconds.

With the tiny displacements, the 2 series Active Tourer feels a bit slower even there is a petrol fuel or diesel fuel it uses. The three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines take 9.3 seconds to get the identical benchmark sprint and crank around 135 bhp and 220Nm of torque. The excellent thing is that it has extra refined performance.

There are number of models in the 2 series come with N47 D20 C and N47 D20 D engines where the most famous are 216d and 220d diesel powered motors. BMW pairs the diesel engines with its petrol siblings and offered the 220i and 225i engines with optional automatic transmission.

The three-cylinder engines are powered by six-speed transmission as a standard. However, five-speed manual gearboxes are also available. Each engines introduced on the 2 series line up emit less than 120g/km of CO2, making certain low-priced annual tax charges. The three-cylinder petrol can return over 57mpg and on the other hand N47 D20 diesel engines offer the diesel experience by improving the efficiency by over 10mpg on the combined cycle.

That’s all the way down to the most modern EfficientDynamics package, which on the 2 series Tourer involves lightweight aluminium structure, automatic start/stop technology, brake energy reproduction and recovery system and an Aero Curtain which improves aerodynamics to shrink fuel consumption.

Add to that the choice of the xDrive all-wheel power technology, an alternative that’s been tremendously popular across the freedom of BMW range here in the UK, and the N47 engines family will continue leading the 220d and 225d models here in the UK.

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