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BMW 218d coupe from the 2-Series family is a smart and handsome coupe which is very comfortable to drive and its muscular engine takes you to sky when you drive it

BMW 218d coupe is from the 2 Series of the BMW:

The BMW 2-Series is a Series of compact cars manufactured by a premium German brand, the BMW. In its last generation, the BMW 2 Series was known as the BMW 1 Series coupe, but a latest strategy by BMW has made it stand in its own level.

It is available as a compact coupe, or as a convertible model. The BMW 2 Series also comes up as a compact MPV body style. The competitors of the BMW 2 Series are the Audi A3 Saloon and the Mercedes-Benz CLA class.

BMW’s perfect ‘real world’ car might well be the grand 218d Coupe. You get the specific BMW coupes compactness, lightness and fast responses of a good BMW coupe although prices begin at less than £25k and economy is rated at 62.8mpg.

That is quite a span of talents. With a low-slung seating position, eye catching styling and sleek roof line, the BMW 2 Series even looks better than its bigger brother, the BMW 4 Series.


Start honestly thinking about purchasing a new car and you will very quickly arrive at a stark realization. Your money really doesn’t go very far and by the time you have added options and on-road costs, you start to realize that the repayments of month have stacked up so far.

The supreme package would be a good looking car that was thrill to drive, kept hold of its value well, was so frugal you would drive it just for the fun of it and which brought you a kick to own. Oh yes, and didn’t value the earth to buy.

That sort of desire list has often remained just that, idle wishes, but along with the launch of the 2 Series Coupe, BMW has given a car to market that might just fit that bill, especially in 218d diesel form. Costs from less than £25,000 and shot through with all of the BMW’s engineering right stuff, the smart 218d looks the real deal.

Driving Experience:

Okay, so a 218d doesn’t absolutely sound as if it’ll melt tarmac. Under the bonnet of the car is a strong 2.0-litre diesel engine that is a detuned version of the 190bhp unit found in the BMW 220d.

In this guise you receive 150bhp and 320Nm of torque which is truly not at all bad. By contrast, a Volkswagen Golf GTI creates 350Nm so you’re not too far off that kind of overtaking muscle.

The 218d is really quicker off the line than you’d assume for a diesel too, getting to 62mph in just 8.4 seconds and running onto a top speed of over 130mph which clearly means that you won’t find yourself rowing the thing along the very outside lane of the M1.

These BMW two-litre powerful diesels might be brawny but they are not the most refined engines in the whole world and they are vocal when you really open the taps. Many of the drivers will be persuaded by the optional adaptive dampers at £750, and they work mainly well on UK roads in Comfort mode, providing a decent suppleness to the drive quality.

Even in the Sport mode they are usable on a B-road. The 2 Series chassis is much communicative and signals its limits of grip quite well. You are always aware that drive is going to the back wheels when piloted excitedly and the steering is one of the better electrically assisted setups in its all class.

Design and Build of the BMW 218d:

Where the 1 Series Coupe was a purposeful but fairly gawky-looking thing, the complete 2 Series range is an altogether more cohesive and authentic piece of penmanship. Unequivocally, the BMW 2 Series is more practical and astonishing than the 1 Series.

The directions are also a little more generous, adding almost 72mm to the overall length, 26mm to the width and carving 15mm off the overall height. Quite lower, wider and longer tends to equal smoother. If you have sat in any recent BMW, the 2 Series will be quite familiar.

The glasshouse is also a lot more stylishly integrated into the fuselage. In fact the chassis is changed and somewhat shorter version of the 3 Series’ underpinnings and it shares its efficient bonnet, front wings and doors along with the three-door 1-Series. The front end includes a broader kidney grille and more agile air intakes.

Going back you’ll find swept up side skirts, some of the deeply-surfaced flanks and tight overhangs. Inside of the car, it’s much as you would expect, with better build quality and with more substantial plastics used throughout.

BMW’s really much-improved iDrive system features and now involves a higher definition 6.5 inch flat screen. Access to the back and legroom once you are back there is a great deal better than the 1 Series Coupe and the shoulder width has also been improved. The boot is a handy 390-litres.


To be very concise, we can surely say that the BMW 218d is a fine combination of tactility, elegance and cost-effectiveness and that’s what makes this car so appealing. The 2.0 litre diesel engine is powerful and quicker enough to take you to the sky right after you turn the motor on.

Therefore, the BMW 218d coupe is a compact rear wheel drive coupe from BMW which is more appealing from both inside and out. Fantastic handling, luxurious cabin and powerful and sturdy engine under the roof, makes this coupe a very decent choice for anybody who is wondering for a small family coupe. Are you thinking about this compact coupe to be your new car?

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