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Why BMW series 3 engines are making everyone crazy?

BMW cars along with bikes are produced by German Company, founded in 1916. BMW comes in different models and undoubtedly every model sets new standards in terms of style, class and design.

We are going to discuss BMW 3 Series. The BMW 3 Series is a small family car produced by the German automaker since 1975. It has been manufactured in six diverse generations. The BMW 3 Series is mainly the successor to the 02 Series and the first batch of 3 Series was only accessible as a 2-door saloon; though the 3 Series model variety has since extended to take in a 2-door convertible, 2-door coupé, 4-door sedan, 5-door hatchback and 5-door station wagon body styles.

In 2013, the convertible and coupé designs happened to be badged as 4 Series, for that reason the 3 Series range now, no longer involves these body styles.

What we have got in Series 3?

The BMW 3 Series provides you the 320i 17-inch alloy wheels, a tilt/telescoping steering wheel, a keyless ignition, halogen headlights, fog lights, six-way manually adjustable front seats, non-metallic paint, a 6.5-inch center screen, automatic and efficient A/C, Bluetooth connectivity, a center arm rest, rain-sensing wipers, dynamic cruise control, ambient lighting, a 205-watt sound system that plays through nine speakers, power-adjustable mirrors and much more.

BMW producers never make a single compromise on safety therefore, all 3 series models contain traction and stability control systems, BMW Assist eCall, Lane Departure Warning system, airbags and Active Blind Spot Detection system. This series of BMW gives tough time to its rivals such as the Infiniti Q50, the Cadillac ATS, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan and the Audi A4. Throughout its history, this series has received many awards for its efficient performance and elegant design.

What about engine?

A wide variety of three, four and six-cylinder engines are obtainable, with the 181bhp 320d 2.0-litre diesel proposing a great combination of power versus running costs. The performance ruler in the standard car is the 321bhp 340i’s 3.0-litre turbo petrol; it takes 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds, and will smash 155mph flat out.

The 335d suggests impressive sound too, with bags of torque for natural overtaking. Those searching for some degree of radiation free driving should go for the 330e, which will do nearby 25 miles on battery power while still racing from 0-62mph in only 6.1 seconds.

The M3 and M4 models are, obviously, the wildest in the range, with both enjoying 425bhp from a 3.0-litre straight six. The Audi A4 presented four-wheel drive mainly, but the 3 Series xDrive (only accessible on the 320i, 320d, 330d and 335d) means extra smooth grip is now offered in a BMW, along with it extra relaxation. All models of this series have a six-speed manual gearbox and a suave and very sophisticated eight-speed automatic also exists as an option.

So, the BMW 3 Series engines are tough, efficient, powerful and a fun to drive. This car will enhance your personality with its lavish designing and sturdy engine.

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