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Every model has something new to offer the buyers, BMW 329d is also doing the same

BMW 3series is the main factor of overall one-third sale of the Munich based car manufacturer, so it is meticulous about each and every detail of the vehicles. In 2012, model length was increased to offer more legroom and ease to the riders. Boot space was also improved with additional 20 litre capacity to the previous dimensions. On the contrary, car shed weight though more length and width suggest more weight is obvious. BMW introduced 2.0 litre 320d engine with 181bhp that was a superb engine though that sounded bit snarling.

Carbon emission was also lower to satisfy the buyers having sense of consciousness about environment. Speed of the car can be gauged from its reaching to limit of 62mph in just seven and half seconds. If the buyers get any of the upscale trims then it would not be a cheaper saloon to own. Sporty look is another incentive that combined with fuel efficient machine to prove a smart choice.

Interior is loaded with modern technology

Sixth generation of this rear wheel drive specialist is popular for being compact family car. Exterior has received a facelift to attract the buyers through appearance. It is not possible to completely change either interior or exterior, so every year the new model comes up with few technological improvements. Rather than redesigning you could notice tweaks that refresh the whole setting.

The dashboard of BMW 320d has been managed excellently as there is big screen and digital displays but everything is fitted with best finishing. Suspension has been made softer for splendid riding experience and electric steering would be sharper to make driving precise. Power of the motor proved it a beast under the bonnet.

Driving has become a fun

Multi mode driving function and seamless operation of eight speed automatic gears add to exquisite feel of putting it into motion. Safety of the occupants of car is top priority that is why for all weathers and driving conditions equipments are there to ensure safe journey. To choose among the sport, comfort and economy modes just a single push is required. There are many features that assist you while sitting on the seat to control like automatic lights and wipers. Parking sensors and camera to view the rear are also part of the standard features present in all vehicles.

Spacious cabin and different trim levels

Total five trim levels are available for the buyers to make their vehicles special. With generous space it is a good family car that can carry shopping of all members. Square opening of the boot allows you to put even bigger luggage to this place. Head and leg space are also enough to move freely and avoid fatigue.

Glove box and door pockets are also wide enough to hold reasonably large water bottles like cup holders. Cruise control system, keyless entry and Bluetooth are making it even a smarter choice. Refinement of engine is ideal as no vibration on gear lever or steering wheel. Similarly when it moves on road no noise get into the cabin.

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