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BMW 3 series is most admired series in the UK but Estate versions are more practical than any other version

BMW 3 series is one of the best vehicle series in the UK, where there are different models offered in the series from saloons to Touring and now the Estate model. The all new estate offers more practicality and still retaining the top features of BMW 3 series saloon and one of these features that push the estate to the top of the list of the buyers.

The new 3 series estate has the best handling in the class and it is more powerful than it was ever before. The second secret that always makes the estate ever-loving in the UK is the BMW 3 series engines line up.

There are both diesel and petrol engines available in the estate line up. Every engine offered in the 3 series estate is a best power unit which is powerful, efficient, and clean and fuel economical and company car drivers love these features.

Practicality at its peak

The all-new 3 series estate offers enlarged boot space and more than 495 litres space when the rear seats will be in place but this space can be even elongated to 530 litres after folding the rear seats.

The extended wheel base offers more legroom that means more comfort. The more space means that the new estate will offer its customers a bigger and bolder model than the competitors like Mercedes Benz C Class Estate, with 485 litres and the all new Audi A4 Avant which has a boot space of 490 litres. By dropping the rear seats of the 3 series estate, you can more than 1500 litres of space.

A great choice of frugal engines

As the main focus of the all new estate is practicality and the model loves to appeal its customers on the bases of practicality. The 3 series model line-up has a great range of engines. There engines make the best combination of low running costs and top notch performance.

There will be three engines available on the start and out of which you will have two diesel engines and the remaining will be the petrol engine. The only petrol powered engine will be a 2.0-litre unit capable of generating 242bhp and will have the potential to complete the 62 miles per hour benchmark in just less than 6 seconds.

Then comes the king of the engines, BMW 320d diesel engine, and a 2.0 litre four cylinder unit capable of generating 181bhp of power and will lead the engine line up for lowest running costs. With the manual transmission, the 320d diesel engine emits 124g/km and with the automatic transmission the estate relatively cleaner and emits only 122g/km when mated to the eight-speed transmission. These models are exempt from the first year road tax in the UK.

There is the best fuel economy figures offered and claimed by BMW where it believes that the new estate will return more than 60 miles from a gallon of fuel and on the motorway this ratio will definitely increase.

The automatic models against the myths that they return lower fuel mileage when mated to the automatic transmission but it is a wrong myth because the fuel economy of the models mated to the automatic transmission are returning extra fuel economy.

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