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Bumper to bumper, it’s perfect in all dimensions

Mercedes Benz E-Class is an Exceptional saloon with some extra fast petrol engines

Mercedes Benz E-Class is the most stylish, elegant and robust saloon in its class. Its sleek look is impressive but it is well recognized due to its performance, comfort and luxury. Mercedes E-Class is the un-doubtedly class leader in the presence of Audi A6, BMW 5-Series, and jaguar XF. It is big and large saloon with lot of hi-tech equipment.

Interior and practicality

Mercedes E-Class is the younger brother of S-Class with some more improvements and refinements. With these minor and subtle changes have made this vehicle top brand of the house and class leading item overall. Its interior is the most comfortable and finest in its class offers a relaxed and luxurious sitting experience. It is big in size so it is a practical vehicle with lot of storage capacity. It offers 540-litres of boot space with wide opening lid.

Engine range is versatile for Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon

In saloon class of vehicle, Mercedes-Benz E-class is a worthy name due to its performance. Powerful petrol engines, fuel-efficient diesel engines and hybrid versions are doing well for this luxurious brand of the market. All engines are smooth and performing. Different trim levels are available with different engines with different outputs. There are three petrol giants and two diesel engines are available in the market.

Petrol engines range for Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been made for speed

All petrol engines are giants in power. The least minimum powerful engine of this line up is of approximately 400bhps.  Others are more powerful than any other petrol engine used in saloon class of vehicles. The petrol engines range starts with 3.0-Litre six-cylinder unit that is capable of 395bhp and 384lb/ft torque. It is a power beast in itself.

It takes just 4.5 seconds to get from 0-62m/h with top speed of 155m/h. For a saloon and luxurious car like Mercedes E-Class, this speed means, exceptional case. Its road grip offers a great control and superb driving experience. Its fuel average is 33m/g with 192g/km of Co2 emissions. This engine is equipped with a nine-speed automatic gearbox to control the power it produced and four-wheel drive system.

After this 3.0-Litre engine there is an E 63 eight-cylinder engine. It is capable of 563bhp and 553lb/ft torque. This engine takes 3.4 seconds to get from 0-62m/h with a top speed of 155m/h. Mercedes E-Class Saloon is not only fast with these E63 engines but gives exceptional smooth drive along with nice and effortless control. The fuel consumption is 31m/g with 207g/km of Co2 emissions but these things become secondary when you are driving a flying horse like e-Class.

The last engine in petrol engines line up of this luxurious vehicle is also an E 63 petrol unit with 603bhp and massive 627lb/ft torque.  It is the fastest engine that is available in saloon class. It takes 3.3 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with top speed of 155m/h. Fuel consumption is high with 31m/g along with 207g/km of Co2 emissions.  It is fitted with nine-speed automatic MCT gearbox and four-wheel drive system as standard.

Petrol / Plug-In Elec-Hybrid engine of Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes has introduced a hybrid version in its E-class saloon. It is an E350 petrol engine that is coupled with an electric Plug-In technology. It is capable of 294bhp and 258lb/ft torque. This engine is also exceptional in performance. It takes 6.0 seconds to get from 0-62m/h with the top speed of 155m/h. Its fuel consumption hasn’t been calculated yet but its Co2 emissions are less than 60g/km. It is available in the nine-speed automatic gearbox and rear-wheel drive system as standard.

Diesel engines range is also impressive one

Diesel engines are available with different outputs and mechanical combinations. These are in four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive systems. E220d is available in 191bhp and 295lb/ft torque. It is a four-cylinder engine and takes 7.1 seconds to get from 0-62m/h with the top speed of 150m/h. Its fuel consumption is very impressive with 72m/g along with just 102g/km of Co2 emissions.

It is fitted with nine-speed 9G-Tronic automatic gearbox and rear-wheel drive system. A second version in this engine is available in 147bhp and 266lb/ft torque. It takes 8.1 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with the top speed of 140m/h and 102g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with nine-speed S-Tronic automatic gearbox and rear-wheel drive system. Both engines are available in four-wheel drive system also.

There is an E 350d diesel engine that is capable of 354bhp and 457lb/ft torque. It is a powerful diesel engine takes 5.7 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with the top speed of 155m/h. Its fuel consumption is also economical and gives 54m/g along with 136g/km of Co2 emissions. It is available in the nine-speed 9G-Tronic gearbox and rear-wheel drive system as standard.

Mercedes E-Class is a great performer offers nice handling and precise control of power

In expert’s views though Mercedes E-Class offers a luxurious ride with great speed, precise control, and good handling, but its rival Jaguar XF offers great fun to drive that is missing in Mercedes E-Class. In luxury and comfort, it is matchless. It’s well compact weight gives nice control with the precision of steering wheel. Mercedes offers its elite comfort in its S-Class and E-Class. The matchless interior gives exceptionally relaxed environment. It is excellent in performance with some powerful beasts under its bonnet.

Safety measures are up to the mark

Mercedes is a name of the producer of the most luxurious, fast and royal class of vehicles so it is out of a question that there is any drawback or loophole you find in its piece of art. Mercedes has left no stone unturned to make its vehicles the safest of all. Mercedes E-Class has all safety features that can keep you, your passengers and pedestrians on the road safe from any bad incident. It’s built and make is reliable also with exceptionally strong and light weighted material that offers a superb blend of solidity and durability. It has secured five stars rating in Euro NCAP crash testing.

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