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How an Executive Car Producer Continuously keep Upgrading

It is quite obvious on the part of every car producer to boast about its production, but by making comparison of the same class of automobiles, one can let you know the better option among the contenders. Audi A4 belongs to a category of compact, lavish and highly rated cars. The close competitor is also a German company so the real time tussle to capture the market is therefore, for the both.

Refinement over the years is continuously noticed by the experts in recent past and it is not just in designing of appearance but offering more upscale features as well for the riders. The current A4 was launched only a year ago and it seems more a facelift of the cars of the same manufacturer. But honestly it wins the battle of look with rival Mercedes C-Class. The grille and LED headlights are worth noticing but all other are less expressive.

Interiors are lavish and full of Modern features

The rival got praised for the interior when launched but the recent upgrading of information and entertainment options are not commended by many. On the other hand when you get in the cabin of Audi, it is very much closer to perfection, if not perfect, according to you standards as fine cabin features are standard for all vehicles of the company.

Soft in touch, the material used for interior to make an impression along with real metal used for cabin trim certainly is a luxurious tinge to whole. Infotainment is also a big plus it is Multi Media Interface System the controls of the same are placed on console placed in centre and it is found in all vehicles of the company. The features are trimmed to remain the top choice so improvement is evident. Another pick is virtual cockpit that is optional but very much desired.

Engine of Two Rival Vehicles

The comparison of practicality would place both on same level as the two are quite identical in this aspect. Those who want a racy thrill while driving, will be disappointed from both as they offer a classy executive road travelling experience rather than a feature described earlier. Upgraded suspension is available to enhance your experience of a lavish interior. Four wheel drive and front wheel drive is there to select from and it was not possible earlier but now, this demand has been fulfilled.

When it comes to engines, the A4 has good range just like the contender. The entry-level 2.0-litre diesel engine capable of 148bhp reaches from zero to 62mph in 8.9 seconds. The other powerful machine of same brand can reach to this standard of speed in 7.7 seconds. The best power option of the range is 3.0-litre diesel that comes up with a variant of 215hp or 268hp that get to the formerly described speed in just 5.5 seconds. The petrol engine options are also present and quite lucrative. Though all features have not been compared but it can be judged that Audi A4 is slightly better than the rival.

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