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Its economical, nice tech installed and reliable at the safety side

Fiat Ducato is no doubt a competition for the rivals. This is a popular van among all types of buyers; you are after fuel economy or want one with good loading space or there is tech you are after.

This purchase will not make you regret in any of the aspects. It is among the popular ones as the Ford Transit is. There is an improved styling of what you see in the present Ducato. Those LED running lights really give a style statement to the vehicle.

Although this one is now produced under the joint venture of Citroen and Peugeot still it is a little different from these two. The Fiat Ducato engines separate it from the other two and this also makes it more appreciated and in demand.

You may have to pay more than the rivals ask for but it is worth it when you want refinement, capacity and savings in the fuel section. There are many features to keep this big vehicle safe for the driver and passengers.

Apart from that useful list there exist the optional list to entertain you in case top ups are needed. Ducato reconditioned engines also solve the problem of finding one when the need arises as they are easily available in the UK and other markets where the vehicle is available.

Some replacements and additions but still great to run engines

There are older versions also present in the market and the new ones that replaced have made this one even better. For the previous versions, there was a 2.3-litre and a 3.0-litre diesel engine.

But for the present Ducato, these two are replaced by newer and improved ones. Now there is a 2.0-litre engine having a 115 hp and then the 2.3-litre. This second one comes in various outputs which are 130 hp, 150 hp and a 177 hp. It is basically this 2.3-litre engine which really distinguishes this commercial van from the sharing other two brands.

This is because it has features which help in further fuel reduction and certainly purchasers get attracted to usage price. Start/stop function, power steering to turn in the smallest radius and an Eco function to reduce fuel consumption.

The Load space and practicality

These two are very important factors and you have to look for this before buying such a van. This range is divided into two levels to make it available according to the usage of the buyer. There are a lighter Ducato and heavier Ducato Maxi range.

The back or the carrying area is box-shaped with straight dimensions which allow for good storage space as well as it also makes the loading of heavier objects easy. Especially the two-way entry gives way to adjust items and get them in without hassle.

You do not have to push the heavy loads again and again inside the van to alter and make way for other things.

Reliable and Safe

Fiat has a very good repute with this product in the reliability and safety side. You can always count on its reliable functions when it comes to safety. There is a driver’s airbag, ABS with EBD and ESC stability control which are standard.

This is not it, you also get with the ESC system a Rollover Mitigation and Load Adaptive Control which are very useful in keeping the stability of van intact. A hill holder system and slip regulation feature are also present to avoid any mishap in case of hilly areas with steep roads.

You can also add the options with a long list if affording them is not a problem. It will load the van with more advanced techs.

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