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Misfuelling is more common then you may think. According to Automobile Association, there are up to 150,000 people that are making the wrong fuel mistake in the UK every year that means every three minutes there is someone that is filling its vehicles tank with wrong fuel.

Mistakes are done unintentionally, no one commits mistake with a purpose. But this innocent mistake of wrong fueling cost you so much if you take it lightly. There are different types of fuels for our vehicles as per their engines type and demand.

Fuels types for different engines                           

In olden times, vehicles were just a source of transportation but now vehicles are used to maintain your status as well as transportation. All you want from your vehicle is a flaw less and powerful drive and engine of your car is the main source of power.

Different fuels are required for various engines as per their types. We have four different types of fuel required engines in which we have a Petrol engine, Diesel engine, Gas engine and electric engine.

How petrol and diesel engines are different from eachother

There are many basic differences between petrol and diesel engines. A petrol engine depends on their spark plugs and needs high amounts of octane for fluency in performance while diesel engines do not relay on spark plugs but compress air and mix it with fuel.

After direct injection of air, petrol engines are effective enough to burn the fuel with plug sparks when the piston of the engine reaches top head center while on other side diesel engines run hotter by the combustion. It is made of heat and combination of air and fuel. All diesel engines require the immense quantity of Cetane while petrol engines require a lot of Octane.

Effects of wrong fuelling of petrol in diesel engine

Most common wrong fuelling mistake is filling petrol in diesel engine because petrol nozzle is comparatively small and can easily adjust to the fillers neck of diesel cars fuel tank. Diesel is not just a fuel for its engine but also performs as a lubricant for fuel pumps.

Wrong filling of petrol in diesel tank may cause severe damages to your diesel engine because petrol acts as a solvent in diesel tank and dilutes diesel immediately and increases friction level in engines parts.

Contaminated diesel is now able to flush all small metallic particles from fuel tank towards engine because of its dilution by wrong fuelling of petrol. If you start your car, polluted fuel starts circulating in the whole engine with all the contaminated fuel and small metallic particles of the fuel pump or engine and may cause serious damages in a fuel pump, injectors, oil filters and other small parts of your car’s engine.

Seals on plungers with whom fuel is delivered properly to the engine could be damaged by polluted and diluted diesel. This type of wrong fueling may cause failure of fuel pumps and injectors and flaws in fuel pipes and filters as well. So the more quantity of petrol pumped by your diesel engine, more severe damages you will face.

But there is good news, if you fill the lesser amount of petrol in your diesel tank it could survive easily. Like, if you fill 60 litre petrol tank with 8 litres of diesel and while filling you realize your mistake, stop filling petrol immediately and fill rest of the tank with high lube diesel. This petrol will cover up in 2000 miles and not being harmful to your engine but in case you fill more than that it surely would damage your engine severely.

Effects of wrong fuelling of diesel in petrol engine

Both petrol and diesel are different in nature and have different burning and igniting procedure. Petrol engine needs a spark to work while diesel needs combustion of air and fuel, which is why when you try to start your diesel engine with wrong fuelling of petrol it won’t start because diesel blocks the spark plugs of your petrol engine. Diesel doesn’t directly harm the fuel tank, but it may cause some serious damages if it circulates once in your petrol engine.

As compared to petrol, diesel is a bit heavier liquid and it is quite difficult for diesel to work in the petrol engine. In case of wrong fuelling of diesel in the petrol engine, there is no option left either than to drain all contaminated fuel from the tank of your vehicle. It is recommended to try not to start your vehicle at all, nor even turn on your car engine.

Even though it is hard to start a petrol engine polluted with diesel but if it starts, contaminated fuel flowed in every part of your engine. For this situation, be ready for some big engine repair bills.

Things to do in case of wrong fuelling

Wrong fuelling of diesel in petrol or petrol in diesel both causes serious damages, in order to secure your engine always keep in mind few things. If you realize your mistake in the early stage while filling wrong fuel stop it on the spot and do not move your vehicle at all, not even try to start or turn on its engine. It will help to keep all polluted fuel in vehicles tank rather than circulating it in vehicles engine.

But unfortunately, if you leave fuel station and realize your mistake later, stop your vehicle immediately and call roadside assistance. Normally, every roadside assistance provides a facility of wrong fuel or fuel draining facility. But there is one more bad news for you and that is, facility of fuel draining by any wrong fuel assist company is not free at all.

Yes, it is true, no one is responsible for your mistake and surely no one is going to cover it up other than you. Roadside misfuelling assistance is capable enough to drain all the contaminated fuel from the tank of your vehicle. In the worse condition case, your vehicle could be towed towards workshop.

How much will Wrong Fuelling cost me?

For all those drivers who stop wrong fuelling their car on instant level or do not start their vehicles after wrong fuelling can face comparatively lower damages of engine and engine repairing cost. As per your vehicle and engine type it will probably cost from £250 to £600. Cost may vary and it depends on your car and its tank size.

No matter you fill your petrol engine with diesel or diesel engine with petrol, unfortunately, if you start your car or drive it away, you surely are going to face serious damages which could cost you from £7,000 to £20,000. These are not official rates; cost may vary according to services as per your engine needed.

Insurance policies for wrong fuelling

No matter how high you pay your roadside assistance or for your car insurance, no one is going to cover your wrong fuelling mistake because it is not in their policies to cover such kind of flaws. If you think your roadside assistance could be beneficial with charges as well as their services, once again you are wrong.

If you hire any other technicians or assistance, always make sure that they must be dedicated and expert in their work. Because roadside assistance is not everybody’s job, it requires a lot of professional skills and experience in the field.

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