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Land Rover Discovery III

The Discovery remained Car of the year 2005 and it is one of the best builds of Land Rover

The third generation of the Discovery was one of the best SUVs ever built by Land Rover and it also remained the car of the year back in 2005. The discovery was launched in 1989 and it was the model built to follow the legacy of the Defender and it was built on the same frame which was used by the Defender.

It was called Ladder Frame Chassis and Land Rover considers it their best chassis for the off-roading and running back on the M6. The Land Rover Discovery 3 was a cheaper option than a Range Rover and had a relatively bigger boot and an option of fitting the rear jump seats to facilitate the seven people inside.

It is two passengers more than a Range Rover can handle. A funky blue interior is much different from all other Range Rover and Land Rover models which used other materials including wood trims.

The funky blue interior was designed by Terence Conran and the interior included a front Centre console and it is way cooler than the previous interiors.

Where it all started

There is no doubt that the new discovery was a real success over all the competitors in the market but it was also an exclusive icon of power and off-roading for the Land Rover.

The Land Rover has injected the pure DNA of the company into the model and the stepped roof, massive sunroof and original seven seater option were carried over in the Discovery 3 model.

Land Rover also added the soul of an off-roading beast into the Discovery 3. This off-roading feature has beaten up the models like BMW X5 and Volvo XC90 in the UK market.

The Discovery 3 proves itself as a great workhorse and beat the models like the Land Cruiser and Pathfinder from Toyota and Nissan. The Discovery 3 offers all car like features and handling capabilities on the road.

2005 Large 4×4 of the Year

The Discovery 3 was one of the best SUV ever built by the automaker and the model was nominated for the 4×4 of the year as well. With the upscale features and facilities, the Discovery 3 finally won the 4×4 of the year award as well. With the live-axle suspension layout, independent wishbones on front and rear sides, backed by an adjustable suspension.

The Discovery 3 used a bunch of new technologies to make the driving experience even more exclusive. The modern technologies which were first time introduced on the Discovery 3 included Terrain Response system to manage a different kind of terrains and surfaces easily.

What drives the Discovery 3?

Land Rover discovery 3 engines offer excellent performance and efficiency on the road and off-road. The recommended discovery 3 engine is a 2.7-litre V6 diesel unit and it played its exclusive role in winning of the awards in the past. This engine was built by the joint venture of Peugeot and Ford and afterwards was owned by Land Rover itself.

This V6 was used to replace the five-cylinder engine used in the previous generations of the Discovery. Land Rover Discovery 3 engines for sale in the UK are creamy units. All of the engines were hooked up to the slick standard six-speed automatic ZF 6HP gearboxes.

Land Rover Discovery engine replacement is not a tough task in the UK now, a number of Land Rover specialists and supply and fitting service providers are available in the UK. The Discovery 3 2.7 litres V6 engine offers 325 lb-ft of torque from just 1900 rpm

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