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A Legendary saloon Mercedes Benz C-Class C200

The Mercedes Benz C-Class is the most successful model series from the fifth year of production. Mercedes-Benz boasts a wealth of enhancements. The design of the exterior and interior is stylish. The electronic architecture is completely new. The digital instrument display and multimedia system featuring modified information and music offerings. The assistance system from the new electronic architecture and with the S-Class.

The Mercedes Benz C-Class in its current was the top-selling model in its fourth year on sale. The brand sold a combined total of 415,000 saloons and Estate models worldwide in 2017. The new look C-Class emotionally with intelligence. The appearance is defined in particular by its front end and design of the headlamps and tail lights.

The new version of the all-new Mercedes C-Class AMG features the diamond styled radiator grille. The front bumpers have been registered for all lines. The silver trim strip, chrome plated trim strip three-part chrome trim strip. The design of the front and rear lamps is defined by clear-lined, high quality, sculpted details underline the stylish look and feel.

Multi-beam LED headlamps with hi beam have been introduced for the first time on any C-Class AMG vehicle and these LED hi lamps are ultra with ultra-efficient compare to any models in the past.

What’s the engine like?

The C200 new power train is one of the best updated C-Class ranges. The 1.6 litres four- generator fed by a 48-volt mild hybrid system that can additional 10Kw and 160 Nm of power for short acceleration also driving from a standstill using electric power.

It is a brilliant new engine that feels like a much bigger motor with effortless power pulling power, a strong mid-range and one that is exceptionally quiet and refined. The transition from electric power petrol. It shut down the engine at cruising speeds and kick start the initial acceleration on the battery pack real-world fuel economy saving.

We drive the C300 local launch of the 2019 C-Class in rural Victoria this week, the models arrive in showrooms after the C200. Its 2.0-litre turbo petrol four cylinders have been producing 190 KW of power and 370 Nm of torque. We drive the C220d with its new generation 2.1-litre diesel engine which produces 140KW and 400 Nm.

Mercedes C200 in competition:

BMW 320i and Mercedes –Benz C200 have their model description badges removed they are starting out business executive owner left the showroom. The propeller badges were the reality of puffing base engine and specification are more than enough to make their engines capable of generating excellent power.

The Mercedes Benz with swoopy CLA class is a less expensive four-door alternative to this traditional saloon. The entry point into Mercedes Benz Class range, as the base model C200, compensate for having a smaller and smarter 1.6-litre engine with cutting edge, fuel-saving hybrid assistance system to support the owners and the environment with its efficient and clean performance as compared to the past.

Is it enjoyable to drive?

There is a subtle balance in the C-Class drives that contributed to its success, both in terms of its popularity and the award it has racked up.

The fundamental basics of its rear-drive framework are simply spot on, from its well-weighted steering to its body control, from its inherent dynamic ability in the corners to its perfectly calibrated safety systems. Everything works in unison rather than isolated individual components to make the C-Class as comfortable as it is competent.

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