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Pleasingly solid-feeling cabin, excellent running costs and vigorous engine


The Mercedes-Benz M-Class is a midsize crossover SUV manufactured by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz since 1997. The Mercedes M-Class was renowned as one of the most significant SUV models and it was the one which set the standard for its rivals like BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne. Now this vehicle in its third generation, the recent M-Class is considered as the largest and most sophisticated vehicle. Its superb feature which makes it most reasonable to purchase is the addition of a four cylinder diesel version.

As its rivals like BMW and Porsche, focuses to provide their customers sporty feel; Mercedes works on comfort and advancement for its customers. And because of their hard work, wind and road noises are very well covered up in this vehicle. The interior is also furnished well but misses’ seven-seat option.


The Mercedes M-Class is obtainable along with a powerful 3.0-Litre V6 diesel engine in the 350 CDI or an entrance-level 2.1-Litre four-cylinder diesel engine in the 250 CDI. The latter is astonishingly punchy all thanks to its well-built 500Nm torque output, and can run from 0-62mph in a declared 9.0 seconds. But for the ultimate in enhancement and relaxed driving the V6 is the one to go quite far. Both versions use a pleasant, effortless and responsive seven speed automatic (non-automatic) gearbox. Refinement is excellent, as wind and road noise are really well suppressed, as is any clamor from the engine, even in the four-cylinder diesel.

However, it can be declared that ride comfort is an issue, chiefly at low speeds where the car smashes into potholes. The ML350 CDI is available along with the supple air suspension upgrade, which is well worth the additional expense. For the ultimate SUV driving experience, then look no further than the ML63 AMG. Not only will it shoot up from 0-62mph in merely 4.8 seconds, its uprated suspension, responsive steering a torque vectoring kit consequence in surprisingly agile handling. All versions acquire permanent four-wheel drive, whereas 350 CDI models are fixed along with an off-road button that tunes the traction control for some slippery conditions. Even so, the M-Class isn’t as competent off road as a Range Rover Sport or Volkswagen Touareg.


Throughout the year, Mercedes has introduced grand safety technologies and that’s why all of its cars are unbelievably safe and secure. In order to reduce collision damage, this M Class is adjusted with Pre-Safe along with ESP, ABS and a complete comprehensive pack of airbags.

All the optional systems like lane-keep assist, automatic braking and blind spot assist will aid in keeping you quite far from any kind of trouble. The recent M Class is too new to be tested for reliability but it is somehow queer for a Mercedes vehicle to be unreliable. This is because Mercedes is the brand which completed in a superb fifth place in the Driver Power customer satisfaction survey in 2013.

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