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Mini Cooper S

A spirited Mini Cooper S is still an admired small vehicle in the UK, comes with efficient Mini engines

The third generation of the ‘new Mini’ was introduced in 2015 and now it is due for a modification in the next model. In 2015, the sales were increased to 45,000 plus in 2015 and it was a record high in the history of the BMW Mini, last year the sales graph has been decreased by 10 per cent.

The Cooper S is a sportier and ultra-efficient version in the UK and it comes in two engine tastes, a 2.0-litre twin turbo petrol engine which comes in an 189bhp variation and powers the petrol powered S models.

The other one is the 2.0-litre diesel engine which comes in the Mini Cooper SD variations and this version lifts up the enjoyment to its maximum with a 170bbhp punch of power. The diesel engines are more refined and ultra-efficient with excellent fuel economies.

Petrol engines return around 41 miles per gallon in the Cooper S and on the other hand, diesel engines offer almost two times of this fuel economy in the Cooper SD versions, the 2.0-litre diesel engine returns 71 miles per gallon.

There is a comprehensive range of safety features offered on the all Mini Cooper S models and SD versions, and with all models, Mini offers a comprehensive range of optional features. Honestly speaking there are more options than standard features which increases the overall price of the package.

The Mini brand was owned by BMW and they have made up our minds to carry over the pure legacy for the subsequent generations with modern technologies and items. The Cooper S is without doubt one of the most modern Mini in the section and the model has been furnished in both diesel and petrol options in the market.

Because of the elongated historical past of the car, Mini Cooper S reconditioned engines may also be sourced in the UK market very comfortably. The whole Mini engines family is powerful and established on the efficiency-oriented engines.

The common transmission on this Cooper S is a six-speed manual, but for the first time, an auto substitute seven-speed gearbox has been offered as an option. The revised 4-cylinder faster engine gets new, excessive-pressure injectors, a brand new exhaust and a new turbocharger, too.

Power and torque figures stay the equal at 189bhp and 221lb feet, but fuel economy has accelerated by around 7%. Interestingly, the up-to-date engine is said to be as much as 30kg heavier than before; the suspension has been tweaked to account for that additional weight.

The revised four-cylinder turbocharged engines get new fuel injectors on the engines and new exhaust system with the turbochargers for enhanced performance and fuel economy.

In the Cooper S units, the power and torque figures remain at the 189bhhp and hefty torque remained at 221 lb-ft. all types of Mini Cooper S engines for sale in the UK and can be sourced in all types.

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