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Though Range Rover Evoque is one of the best SUV’s manufactured by Range Rover, eventually every machine faces few issues after its time

The Range Rover Evoque version of the TDV6 and TDV8 engines was essential to be built at the Range Rover Evoque standards because Range Rover Evoque is one who faces very tough terrains to ride on.

The same engines with the same specs were introduced in the Range Rover sports models too and they remained very successful. There are few examples, people tested these vehicles in extreme conditions; whereas in some cases the situation was “drive or die” thus Range Rover Evoque engines were passes through extreme tests and they succeeded.

Any of these Range Rover Evoque engines used in these demonstrations were having a rated towing capacity of under 20 tons in any case and having their own weight not more than 2.5 tons. Thus towing an object weighing 58 times more than its own weight is not something ordinary at all.

This is not about the towing technologies but the engines are under consideration. In order to achieve extreme results on extreme road angles, Range Rover Evoque has deeper sumps and longer oil delivery pipes.

Here are few engine issues a possible driver could face after Range Rover Evoque reaches its age. Unfortunately, if you suffering from the really bad situation of the broken engine, keep it in mind that reconditioned Range Rover Evoque engines are such a cost effecting option.

Turbocharger issues

It’s already been discussed that the turbochargers are very vulnerable to the damage due to bad oil; and can go wrong any time. The oil is one of the big killers of the turbochargers but at the same time; bad maintenance can also kill the turbocharger. Excessive dust deposits on the blades can also harm the turbo.

Timing chain belts change or maintenance

The main timing chain belts must be changed after or between 60,000 to 105,000 miles however it is better to consult with the mechanic first. The harder the drive belts would work, the shorter the life would be. Fuel pump drive belts should also be changed, these belts can be found at the rear side of the Range Rover Evoque TDV6 engines.

Crankshaft issues in TDV6 engines

The TDV6 engines ordinarily seen that the crankshaft bearing shells rotate in the sitting discipline and blocked the oil supply. This leads to the seizing of the crankshaft in the engine block shells and most often people found unfortunate in this case. They mostly face a broken crankshaft in this case.

This situation usually costs people at least a couple of thousand pounds to replace the crankshaft so it is always stated that you must keep an eye on the sound coming from the engine; any rattling sound or rumbling noise coming from the engine department can be dangerous for your engine and that noise can kill your engine.

Turbocharger replacement

The turbochargers work really hard to boost the power level of the engine and with the older vehicles, they are worn out and start rattling. They are not an expensive replacement anyway, however, they can fail even after the replacement too. It’s also been noticed that the turbochargers are a really easy replacement for the mechanics; only lift up of the body and very basic expert level involves.

This job can be done DIY if there is a body lift facility available. Range Rover Evoque fits its engines really compact and they cannot be opened with the help of any spanner by opening the bolt. It requires body detachment from the chassis of the vehicle.

Ageing effects on the engine

Any of the vehicles introduced in the UK have a maximum life of 12 to 15 years but only the Range Rover Evoque vehicles have around 20 years of life. This is the reason why the 2000 model year vehicles are still in the market. Ageing effects can harm a lot of things around the engine, e.g. plastic components, radiator pipes, rubber hoses; and fuel pipes can be ruptured cracked.

Fuel injection pump and power belts can also go aged and reduce power delivery. Despite the fact you own a Range Rover Evoque; it is easy to manage it and keep it running for a long time if service on the right intervals of time.

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