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Efficient engine has made it further lucrative for buyers

It is a family hatchback that competes in price with mid-sized top cars and when it comes to size, it far bigger than that. So, the Skoda Octavia is a big car at very competitive price. Keeping in consideration, the price you would easily ignore the shortcomings that become prominent while making a comparison with high end competitors in auto market.

Beautiful Interior of Skoda Octavia

It is spacious, interior is designed for smooth use and exterior is also attractive. Being a budget automobile it has been choice of many who think of buying new car this year. Those who are looking for a roomy cabin it is the best one alongside other appealing features. This great appeal is not challenged by rivals as they do not offer that much space for passengers. It is the cheapest to own a car of this size and running cost is also very manageable.

What’s Inside Skoda Octavia Engine?

The entry level Skoda Octavia 1.2-liter engine proves that point and also a well-suited car for short distances. Resale value is also reasonable though not as high as of number one of the class.

Maximum economy is practically possible with 1.6-liter Green-line Engine that has been designed particularly for this purpose. The small petrol engines are also very good for their use of fuel per mile. Five different trims are available to enjoy the upgrades in their automobiles.

The very first trim level offers air conditioning, alloy rims, DAB radio and USB slot. In SE you will get rear sensor for car parking, climate control for front and back row separately and electric windows of rear. The most valuable addition you can go for is steering with multi functions and cruise control.

Features for safety and security

Satellite navigation is also present in other trims that are only for company buyers so retail buyers cannot select it. Some of these up-gradations are really expensive and are not recommended by experts. The previous model was one of the best and on the basis of that latest car is expected to perform up to the mark once again.For safety and security of

For safety and security of passengers seven bags come as standard and you can ask for airbags for second row riders. Stability control, assistance for hill hold, automatic system of brakes that work in case of collision to avoid second impact and tire pressure monitoring that alerts for small and slow punctures are other security features. The car has received full marks in crash testing from Euro NCAP.

It is also not an easy prey for car lifters as they cannot break in effortlessly. Standard equipment in all cars of this model are quite generous, look is smart to attract the buyers and interior is very much useable and not just over stuffing in the cabin. It is within reach of many buyers and remains true even after purchase as engine performance is very good and they are not thirsty for fuel. So at this price it is the top choice in the category of family hatchback.

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