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Reliable automotive brands of 2016


The Consumer Reports Annual Auto Reliability Survey for 2016 has been out with all the details of cars and their brands and there are a few amazements seen in the report. The report has been designed to give the rankings to the automakers based on the projected reliability of their produce lines, in the annual survey report, for data gathering, there are around 500,000 Consumer Reports subscribers asked for information about their newly bought or leased vehicle between 2000 and 2017 under the model years from 2000 to 2017 as well. For the 2016 survey report there are more than 300 individual nameplates that has been used to complete the survey report. We have arranged a list of 10 most reliable car brands for 2016. Let’s have a look on the one by one and see if your brand is in the list of top 10 brands.


Let’s start from 10 and oh… its Honda at the tenth position. This year, Honda has failed to boost its reliability but still manages to be in the top ten. It has been dropping two positions in a year and from 7th position it dropped to the 10th position. This year on the reliability scorecard, it has managed to win only 57 points as it has released only seven models in the market.

Honda proprietors told the magazine and survey that they have been foiled by sticky infotainment systems and faulty transmissions in the past years. But perhaps, the report has several surprises, the first surprise is from Honda, where the biggest surprise of all is that the Honda Civic is no longer on the wish list of the people and not recommended by Consumer Reports.


On the eleventh position last year, the automaker has managed to raise two positions in the past year and won the ninth position on the list but the reliability score was similar to the score she won last year, it was again 57 which is equal to the score of Honda. But against Honda, the German automaker, however, had eight models to be the part of the survey where the all new and all-electric i3 and the BMW X5 diesel are newly recommended in the reports, that indicates the reliability of the brand and clearly meaning that they’re models with improved reliability.


Nissan was out of the news since ages and they have not introduced any new vehicle for ages. But they are still one of the reliable brands in the world. The Infiniti is the luxury division of the Japanese automaker. And this wing has managed to grab the seventh position on the reliability list of the report. The brand is one of the most improved brands this year as it has been raised by 16 positions and spot the 8th position. This year the report has given the Infiniti a reliability score of 62. The report has also noticed that the brand has a bit of blended repute where the Q7 saloon is scoring 91 points and the QX60 managed to get only 33 points and the average score as pushed the infinity to 8th position.


In the list of new cars by Hyundai, we saw the Santa Fe who joins the new cars recommended list and this has pushed the brand two positions up in the list and the brand secures the 7th position in the list. Hyundai has entered the survey with seven different cars and has won the average reliability score of 66 which is far better than other brands discussed so far.


RELIABILITY SCORE is increasing as we are getting closer to the 1st position. The Japanese automaker has scored 68 points on the report list but it is not a surprise of Japanese automaker because it was on the fourth position last year and this year it has dropped by two positions on the reliability list. With the five new cars on the list, the Japanese automaker has nothing in the recommendations list nor did it has any new cars in the list. The automaker is still happy with the sixth position.


If we talk about the affordable brands, Kia may be the more affordable Korean brand as compare to the Hyundai on the list, but Hyundai’s sister brand managed well in the annual reliability survey. “Kia builds cars that are somewhat improved than Hyundai, Jake Fisher believes, he is the director of Consumer Reports of automotive testing. It’s probably because of the fact that Kia announces models a bit later than Hyundai and avail the chances to improve the model, with many initial bugs have been removed. The company rose one position to the fifth place on the report, with four models surveyed and achieving an average reliability score of 69.


Audi plunged one position to fourth place, with seven models on the report and scoring around a reliability score of 71. Both the Q3 and Q7 models have recognized to be reliable, but the Audi A Series faced a bit blow with Audi A3 that placed below average, making it no longer suggested by the publication.


Buick has achieved the better score this year and managed to move into the top three this year, with its primary product line established and most glitches having been steamed out. The American automaker has announced some new cars, however, which might have an impression on the future performance of the brand. For this year, it rose up four positions with four models on the report list averaging a reliability score of 75.


Toyota as surprised the world by taking top two positions this year. At the second position, it has 12 models and an average reliability score of 78. Regardless of high marks all over, Toyota was stalled by the reshaped Tacoma, which was untrustworthy in its first year. The Japanese automaker remains to use his traditional methods to build vehicles, taking a traditional, evolutionary methodology.


Here it comes the top of the list, Lexus is topping the list as the most reliable car brands of 2016. Lexus is scoring 86 points against its nine models offered in the market. Both the parent company and the luxury division has remained very consistent throughout the year.

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