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Volkswagen Crafter

Volkswagen Crafter engines for every generation are quite efficient and the new models get 2.0 commercial diesel engines

The biggest van of Volkswagen is Crafter, it is known for exquisite comfort, splendid interior, ride quality, and safety features. Last year launched model was a way step forward in many ways in comparison to the outgoing edition.

Appearance has been made sharper so the appeal is greater for everyone thinking of buying a van. The latest version is the fourth generation of the large van of by this manufacturer. The capacity of this vehicle is to cater 15000 litres of stock and it is quite a huge space to carry plenty of boxes.

The body of the van is not structurally sound and it may wobble a bit due to big load area and thin metal used to build it. When it is not carrying load then rear springs allow it to bounce more than one may expect. To avoid this uneasiness you have to put something in the load cabin.

The front view is a big concern for drivers of big vehicles and this one has a superb view to control it well. High and bib windscreen may sometimes offer you an extra bit of engagement. Sales of this van when combined with other vans of the same producer outdo many others in the race.

Most of the models are front wheel drive

Variety of body designs serves different classes of buyers. It is available in 3, 3.5 and 5-tonne weight carriers and these are called medium, long and maxi panel van sizes. Roof heights also vary and total three height variants are offered.

Then single and double cab options are also there thus a lot of choices are present and one of them surely suits the needs of most of the buyers. Most of the models are a front-wheel drive but on some selected models, you get all-wheel drive mode that seems thrilling.

Rear wheel drive model is also present in the range that is why it has been called a comprehensive range of vans. Volkswagen Crafter engines for every generation are quite efficient and the new models get 2.0 commercial diesel engines with power output variants.

Power variants kick off with 102PS and the next in range is 140PS but the most powerful is 177PS. But apart from these engines available in the United Kingdom one other with 122PS also offered to EU buyers.

All these engines offer front wheel drive so for other two driving modes there are two separate larger power machines.

VW always remain ahead in this segment

Reconditioned VW crafter engines are to meet the needs of those buyers which want to enjoy the excellence at low cost. Six-speed transmissions are manual and auto gearbox has eight-speed transmissions.

Later of the two is a better choice for the loaded vans. VW always remain ahead in this segment of vehicles due to use of car’s technology. The van has same classy touch-screen system and the steering wheel is to handle it with a lot of ease.

The reverse camera is important and it is duly provided in this new model of the vehicle.

Safety package is good for the front row riders

There are many useful technology additions in the present version. Electromechanical steering and it is the first van of this size to receive the system. Among other safety features, you get four airbags as standard in all variants, stability control, post-collision braking system and crosswind assistance.

With all these, you can drive the van with much freedom. For parking, there are hands-free parking and side assist to make sure you get it placed in the limited area. In this way, it has rightly been awarded the van of the year award in last year ratings.

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