Customer Reviews

Fantastic Job

“A big thank you to Engine Fitters, they’ve done a fantastic job. I had my car with Range Rover specialists, been there for month and a half but kepyt on racking bills. I phoned up these guys [Engine Fitters] out of desperation. After a quick phone call, they knew exactly what was wrong with it. They organized a collection. I was blown away with professionalism. I had photographs right away to the engine build. They actually treated my pride and joy as their pride and joy. I couldn’t thank them enough they have done a fantastic job, Thank you guys. Dan, Ali and Adam. Thank You!!”

Done what they said

I am Charles Dean, picked up my Range Rover from Engine Fitters, found them on Google, trusted reviews, rang up about 12 different firms all telling me different prices, what’s it gonna cost me and I should do and what I shouldn’t. Spoke to Ali and Adam, turned out they were the cheapest by far, what I found anywhere. Kept me informed through the whole process, sent me pictures everyday. Done what they said gonna do. Well happy with it and thanks again

I like the service

"This is my son’s car, I found [Engine Fitters] on Google. I rang them up in Barking. They are very very good regarding Range Rover (engines). They told me the price, the price I found with them is very very reasonable, nobody can offer that price. They have given me a very good service, which I could not find anywhere else. I recommend others to come to them and give them your car they will give you a very good service. I love them, I like the service."


“Hi Guys collecting my car today from Engine Fitters UK, based in London. The car unfortunately had completely died whilst with another garage. They couldn’t rectify the fault. Engine Fitters UK come and collected the vehicle. Brought it to London, and here I am today getting it back all fitted and ready to go. Happy to be driving back to Liverpool so thanks very much Engine Fitters UK.”

Modern Garage

“Engine Fitters uses the latest equipment for engine replacement. Thanks to our fully experienced team and a modern garage, we have thousands of satisfied customers on our account.”

I am so happy

“I am so happy. This car I had for six months and the engine got seized. I am so happy now. Engine Fitters, they have done it for me. Everything is brilliant, Perfect! So I recommend everyone to see Engine Fitters if you have any car, especially Land Rovers. They are very good at it. Trust me! I can’t thank you enough. Ali and Adam, thank you so much Engine Fitters! Number one.”

Very Happy

“Engine broke, found Engine Fitters online, very happy with boys, truck is on the back ready to go, (only) five days later.”

Happy with the work

“I am Alvin from Sudbury. I brought my vehicle down to Engine Fitters, who have done a wonderful job in seven working days as promised. Engine is running better than normal as before. I am very happy with the work, thank you.”

Thanks a lot

“Hi I am Adam, my BMW engine blew up, didn’t know what to do? Went online, found Engine Fitters. They gave me a great quote. I am here now, couple of weeks later taking my car away. More than happy with work done by Adam and Alex. Cheers, thanks a lot guys.”

Amazing Job

“There I was with my car sitting in Macdonalds Beckton. The engine started making a ***** noise, and eventually it ceased up. I really didn’t know what to do so I typed in to Google. And I found Engine Fitters. Ali and Adam, who I can say have done the most amazing job. I never had a thought my car would drive like it ever did. Fantastic and I highly recommend. ”


“Hi there, just came to collect my Land Rover Discovery. Had the usual engine problems while we were at Isle of Wight. We had to look around to see who are the best people to do it. Engine Fitters is your guys. Its sounding sweet and we didn’t think that would ever happen. Thank you very much guys.”

Very Pleased

“Hi, I am Steve. Broke down couple of weeks ago. Fault with the engine. Got recovered to Engine Fitters that I found on the internet. Very pleased to bit. Motor is up and running again.”

Great Job

“Just brought this car down to Engine Fitters. Adam and his team has done a great job, turned it around in seven to ten days. Now I am on my way. Thanks very much Adam.”d to bit. Motor is up and running again.”


“I just bought this car at an auction. I drove it just 3 miles and it broke down and I called the breakdown people. They had to tow it 200 miles. I called up Engine Fitters, it is quiet a big engine, its 3 litres. They took the car to their workshop and that’s where I am right now. Its ready and I am gona be driving it, not only 3 miles but over 300 miles and I am happy.”

Trustful & Comfortable

“My engine blew just before Christmas 2016, the main dealer were gonna charge me extra double amount of money, I went on Google found these guys (Engine Fitters), have my car back, good job and the guys were really helpful. I have been very trustful and comfortable with their service.”

Good Price

“Engine Fitters fixed a timing chain problem for me, at a pretty good price, good service, very happy with the job, happy days. Thank You very much.”

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